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Excel Life in black

Black is back! Contemporary designers agree that the colour black imparts an air of elegance, luxury, confidence and drama. It can be combined with any other colour, it accentuates contrasts, and it perfectly complements natural materials such as wood, fur and leather. Traditionally, black has often been believed to make spaces feel smaller than they actually are. However, when used on styling elements in a restrained manner—such as cushions, window furnishings, artwork or other accessories—black can make an eye-catching feature of any area. One exciting application is the emerging architectural and interior-design trend for highlighting—rather than hiding—services and user interfaces.

Leading the market in meeting this demand, Legrand has recently introduced black variants of a number of key products in its acclaimed Excel Life range of electrical accessories. These include the Dedicated Plate Series of light switches and powerpoints, which now come with gloss black switches, socket outlets and coverplates. This allows designers to opt for a total black look, or to mix black switches or coverplates with other colours for dramatic effect. Additional colour options available in the Excel Life Dedicated Plate Series include ‘Matt Silver’, ‘Urban Grey’, ‘Liquid Gloss Ice’, ‘Liquid Gloss Diesel’, and of course ‘White’.

In parallel with the Dedicated Plate Series, the Excel Life range further comprises the Common Plate Series and Secure Plate Series in a wide choice of vertical and horizontal configurations to meet the wide-ranging needs of the residential and commercial sectors. Due to its compatibility with the Legrand Arteor modules, the Excel Life range also boasts access to over 200 advanced functions. The Common Plate Series has been designed for easy maintenance and the Secure Plate Series has been developed for applications where protection against theft and vandalism are prime considerations.

The entire Excel Life range has also been meticulously engineered to incorporate numerous design features, benefits and options to improve safety and to simplify installation. When considered in conjunction with the latest colour options, the result is a family of electrical accessories that rightly deserves to be at the top of everybody’s wish list—from architects to electricians and from designers to end-users. Never has cutting-edge style made so much sense to so many.

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