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600w Hotel Room Automation: tomorrow’s technology, today

Whether visiting a hotel for a holiday, a weekend away, or as part of a business trip, customers increasingly demand certain minimum levels of luxury to make their stay comfortable and memorable. In order to meet these expectations, hotel developers are now routinely including automation solutions into the designs of both new projects and into the specifications for renovations of existing hotels.

Legrand’s Hotel Room Automation package is one such solution at the cutting edge of the industry. It is based on a fully integrated approach in which all guest-room services are controllable through the same operating platform, which itself is connected to a central control system. This allows guests the ability to intuitively adjust their own comfort to an unprecedented degree, while simultaneously simplifying room management and supervision for hotel operators.

The Hotel Room Automation solution comprises a number of modular hardware elements, plus a suite of supervision/management software. Within the room, guests can expect to find a Do Not Disturb/Make Up Room (DND/MUR) Command Module, a Flush-Mounted Digital Thermostat and an Eight-Scenario Command interface. Behind the scenes also lies an IP Scenario Module, while an External Display Panel is located outside the room.

The External Display Panel is customisable with the room number and can operate as a card/badge reader for access control by guests and staff. This panel also works as a bell ring and serves to highlight the DND/MUR status of the room. Once inside the room, a guest can change the room status through the DNR/MUR Command Module, and can fine-tune lighting, HVAC and window-dressing settings via dedicated controls or an Eight-Scenario Command interface located by the side of the bed.

A number of scenarios can be pre-programmed into the Eight-Scenario Command unit to optimise different combinations of lighting, curtain and shutter options for different activities. For example, a Welcome Scenario ensures the room is inviting when a guest arrives, and various Comfort/Sleeping Scenarios tailor the entrance, study, living and sleeping spaces to facilitate typical guest activities, such as relaxing, working, sleeping and watching TV. Legrand’s Hotel Room Automation solution further facilitates integration and automation of multimedia entertainment systems.

Room automation

When the room is vacated, the Hotel Room Automation package can be programmed to turn off lights, reduce HVAC settings and reset curtains/shutters in order to maximise energy savings.
Each room is connected to a central monitoring/control PC — usually located at reception — via the IP Scenario Module gateway, which allows hotel staff to remotely manage and supervise each room.

Legrand Supervision and Management Software streamlines the operation of services throughout common areas and guestrooms via the control PC. For example the Welcome Scenario can be selected remotely from reception as guests check in. Moreover, the software package provides notifications to reception in real time for various room conditions: room status; the presence of keycards in key switches; measurement of temperature settings; bathroom SOS calls; and the provision of alarm notifications for open windows, doors or refrigerator. The software further streamlines the programming of keycards, administration for staff access, management of bookings, plus energy measurement, security operations and automation for the entire facility.

Legrand’s Hotel Room Automation is helping deliver tomorrow’s technology to the hospitality industry today. It is providing finer levels of control for hotel managers than ever previously possible, and offering unprecedented levels of facility monitoring and measurement for a safer, more energy-efficient environment. Above all, it is exceeding customers’ expectations, optimising their comfort, and creating the kind of memorable stay that will ensure repeat business into the future.